Book – Life is All About Adventure

Life is a journey and author Jane Coleman is about to prove it with the next installment in the Coleman Chronicles.  Order ” Life Is All About Adventure” on amazon, ( see link below ) and get ready to travel with your favorite couple.

Author Jane Coleman can’t wait to take you on an adventure.  As the ” Queen of Lifestyle Adversity,” Coleman commits herself to pushing boundaries, having new experiences, and traveling through the American West.  Her new book ” Life Is All About Adventure” chronicles her journeys with her husband Bob Coleman.  Along the way, they pick up knowledge, meet incredible people and gain wisdom that you only earn by traveling the country.

The Coleman Chronicles begin with the 2018 book “Life is All About Range”.  In this book, Coleman combines personal stories with hard-earned wisdom to help people around the world live fulfilling lives.  ” Life is All About Range” challenges the reader to leave their comfort zone and become the person they were meant to be.  Coleman shows the audience that it’s possible – after all, she’s done it herself.

“Life is All About Adventure” continues the journey with more wisdom, inspiration, and real-life stories from the Coleman family.  Jane Coleman draws inspiration from her life at the Smokey Valley Farm, where she and her husband breed, raise, and show horses.  They rent out two locations on their property for people who want to experience the ranch lifestyle firsthand.

Jane Coleman lives a fulfilling life on Smokey Valley Farm, but she’s not going to spend her life in the same place.  She knows that there’s a world of perspectives and experiences out there beyond anything she could have imagined.  That’s why she pushes herself to learn from others and pass on this wisdom so her readers can learn from others, too.

Since she published ” Life is All About Range” on amazon, Jane Coleman has attended author signing events and appeared on The Author Show podcast.  Her book has received positive reviews online.  The follow-up, ” Life is All About Adventure” is available for purchase on Amazon.  Excited readers can order a paperback or purchase the book for their Kindle at the link below.

Life Is All About Adventure: The Coleman Chronicles